MG Motors Sets Forth its 12th Showroom

June 21st, 2022:Mr. Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, CEO of MHD ACERE, is delighted to cut the ribbon on MG Motor’s 12th showroom in Jalan Bani Bu Ali. MG Motor is inaugurating its new showroom with a mission to escalate its vehicles to an unprecedented level, spread its business identification, generate a buzz, and reach every spot in Oman.

A Brief Overview of the MG Motor

Not every brand has a prideful and passionate heritage like MG. MG has been creating automobiles that have won the admiration of car owners since 1924. In fact, MG made timeless masterpieces and still combines 98 years of traditional British design with the most advanced technology from around the world in every car it makes. The British style of MG can still be found in the current lineup, from the London Eye headlights to the European interior layout. It's important to note that MG is known for its racing roots, which can still be seen in the designs of its new cars, from the classic MGB to the impressive Cyberster.

MG Motor has an extensive selection of models, starting from the SUV array, which includes the 7-seater MG RX8 Black Edition, MG RX8, MG HS, MG RX5, and MG ZST; moving to the sedan array, which is made up of MG GT, MG 6, and MG 5; and ending with the pickup array that consists of the adventurous MG T60.

The 12th showroom in Jalan Bani Bu Ali came as a result of the immense success of the other showrooms located in different cities across Oman. MG Motor has many physical showrooms, but it also owns an e-commerce platform designed to enhance its customers' online purchasing experience. Customers can use the site to choose their favorite car from the stock, reserve it, pay for it online, and have it delivered to their home. In addition to that, customers have the advantage of scheduling test drives and contacting the MG Motor customer support team to assist them with any questions or concerns.

To mark this alluring event, Mr. Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, CEO of MHD ACERE, expressed his gratitude, "The launch of MG Motor’s new showroom in Jalan Bani Bu Ali is obvious evidence of our tremendous success. Our goal is to reach every car lover and provide him with unmatched service. Choosing Jaalan Bin Bu Ali illustrates our dedication to expanding business recognition across Oman. But we are happy to say that the current line of cars, which are well-equipped and affordable, appeals to people of all ages and lifestyles”.

One of the world's oldest automobile brands, with a long history of innovation, leaps to the forefront of the automotive industry today. This icon is available in Oman. You can visit MG Motor showrooms for a closer look.